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A Luxury Candy Bar


The new normalThe 'The 'The New York Times' offers us many possibilities for recovering some of the celebrations we have not been able to do in the last four months.

We are talking about birthdays, anniversaries, weddingsa get-together with family and friends, or simply celebrate life.

If you have a party to throw this summer, we suggest you add to it a touch of luxury and exclusivity with a sweet table that includes some of our nougats and sweets.


Before planning a candy buffet you must take into account:

- Location. Make sure it is accessible and not in a place of passage. Arrange the elements leaving enough space so that attendees can interact and maintain a good relationship with each other. recommended minimum social distance.

- The shape. The table can be rectangular, if you need to place it next to a wall, or circular, if you want to encourage your guests to explore all the sweet proposals.

If you choose the circular option, we advise you to place in the center an attractive element that serves as a connection between all the other options. A chocolate fountain, for example.

- Size. Depending on the number of guests and the variety of sweets you offer them, your sweet table will be bigger or smaller. A crowded table -too small- or an almost empty one -too big- does not look good.

-The theme. You will surprise everyone if you choose a common thread for your luxury sweet table. It can be a season or a brand you want to highlight. Movies, vacations, colors, ... The limits are set by your imagination. Add also some photos, signs, labels and posters, it will be fun!

-Sweets. Here you have a wide range of possibilities. The trend is to choose healthy, homemade, artisan sweets.

And we can help you with that, because all our nougats, sweets, chocolates and fruités are elaborated with first quality raw materials. With our delicatessen nougatthe almond chocolates and the fruités your guests will say that "!wow, how cool!".

In addition, if you choose the range of nougats and candies Premiumyou can use the same wooden box to present them on the table, providing that rustic air that goes so well with summer or outdoor parties.

The same goes for chocolates Vintage Chocolate. You can get them in bulk or in 100 grams form, with the advantage that they come in a beautiful thermo-protective package that is just as perfect for preserving them as for serving them.


It only remains for us to wish you success with your little big event. With these ideas we are sure that your party will leave not only a good taste in your mouth but also a great memory.


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