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We want it to be Christmas­čÄä


We are looking forward to Christmas­čÄä. We have to admit it.

It's our favorite time of the year, and when autumn starts to think about leaving, we get nervous and full of excitement. It may sound exaggerated, but it's the truth!

Maybe it happens because we carry the nougat in our blood and because in our family we have learned to say the word "first" and "second" first. boixet than Dad (well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, hehehe). With more than 30 years behind us producing some of the highest quality nougat on the market, Christmas has to be special for us, yes or yes.
pablo garrigos iba├▒ez nougat for gifts

We have grown up among sacks of marcona almonds and tons of honey, kilos of fresh lemons from the orchard and lots of pure cocoa, the good stuff.

It is normal to like the Christmas because we believe that, in reality, we don't sell nougat, we sell magic.

Yes, yes. Did we say magic? Or doesn't it seem magical to you that a candy with more than 500 years history, like nougat, is still a must on every table?

And doesn't it seem like magic to you that two products as noble as almonds and honey merge together to create a sweet with super nutritional powers and deliciousness?

Isn't it magical that moment when we open the first nougat bar of the season and it's as if no time has passed and the whole year has gone by? Christmas?

Jijona nougat cake Pablo Garrigós Ibáñez

365 days pass slowly, very slowly, sometimes! And yet, when Christmas Eve arrives, it is as if time had stopped on Christmas Eve of the previous year and nothing had happened.

Although things have happened, of course... Our work during these months is non-stop. We are in the moment of highest production of nougat and sweets. Pablo Garrigós Ibáñez.

We do not sell nougat or sweets from one year to another, they are all newly made, so we do not stop day or night.

We know you want the best for Christmas and that's what you get ;).

It's hard, yes, but we love to be one more reason to look forward, really look forward to the arrival of the Christmas.

Are you looking forward to Christmas?



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