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Almond Cakes Premium 200g

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Traditional sweet that gets its flavor from a careful selection of Marcona almonds, seasoned with a delicate touch of cinnamon and lemon.

Almond marcona, selected and toasted 38%, flour of wheatsugar, sugar, lard, cinnamon and natural lemon peel.


Contains cereals with gluten.


Store in a cool, dry place, protected from sunlight. Do not expose to sudden temperature changes.

Energy value / Energy value: 2266 KJ / 544 kcal

Fat / Fat: 35 g
Of which saturated fat/ Saturated fat: 8,1g
Of which monounsaturated fat/ Monounsaturated fat: 20g
Of which polyunsaturated fat/ Polyunsaturated fat: 6.1g

Carbohydrate: 40 g

Of which sugars/ Of which sugars: 22g
Dietary fiber / Dietary fiber: 6,6g

Proteins / Protein: 14g
Sal / Salt: 0,01g

Per 100g / Per 100 g (Per 100 grams) 

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